Increase your lab efficiency with the Arc Burette

Free up your scientist's time with an automated burette that can portion and identify liquids, motors and electrodes, for a price thats lower than anything on the market.

Here are some of the

Arc Burettes strengths:

3 in 1


The worlds and first and only system that can identify properties of liquids, motors and electrodes.


Dispensing accuracy to the hundredth of a millimetre.



Reduce capital and operational expenditure by saving time and money with a custom built dispensing system made to replace current burettes, pipettes, and separation funnels.


Produce samples quickly with precision and efficiency using our novel liquid handling techniques. 


Increase the portioning capability of your lab by making samples ranging from micro-litres, millilitres and litres. 


Use our multipurpose system to identify 3 things, including motor parameters like rotation dynamics, properties of liquids including density and viscosity. As well as properties of electrodes including kinetics and electro-active surface area.


Introduce modern control techniques in your lab with our automated burette designed to replace manual liquid handling with a user friendly remote control.

The detailed benefits of the Arc Burettes:



While increasing productivity by 75%

Reduce human error by 50%

This is why the Arc Burette is the best solution for hitting tight deadlines and getting the most out of overstretched teams.

Turnaround Time:

If your are a clinical lab, Introducing the Arc Burette into your laboratory could reduce your sample turnaround time by 30%.

The Arc Burette can reduce your testing time by 50%, if you are a genetic lab.

Drug discovery labs can reduce the process of designing, synthesizing and screening a compound from weeks to days.

Free up time:

There is plenty to do in lab, and our automated burette, Arc Burette, is the perfect tool to reduce time spent on tiresome tasks like portioning liquids. Freeing up your day to focus on different tasks.

Decrease repetitive injuries:


Of individuals that pipette in uninterrupted sessions of 1 hour or more report hand pain.

Studies have shown that women who pipette over 300 hours a year, which is only 75 minutes per working day, are at a much higher risk of hand and shoulder chronic aches. 

This can be avoided with the use of the automated system, The Arc Burette. 

Reduce costs:

Reagent Savings

Automating tissue sample processing can save you up to 70%  on reagents a year.



By using the Arc burette, you can reduce the amount of hands on time by 50%

This represents a combined saving of over $250,000 a year.

Eliminate human error:

The average cost of a lost sample is $584 and that sample tracking errors over a 4-month period can total $20,000 in losses. 

Differences in pipetting between operators has been shown to be up to 11.8% when handling 10 µl. Whilst using the Arc Burette can keep errors below 2%, right down to 1 µl.